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A Day in the life of a Teddy Bear

Movie website

Vassilis Xiros

For the movie “A day in the life of a Teddy Bear” we were asked to make a one-page scrolling website giving a clear representation of the movie, actors, director and crew.

Where a lot of website traffic will come from social media, we were keen on making custom made mobile experience.

About the movie

A boy-meets-girl-meets-teddy bear story, taking place in Shanghai. Jinxi is a violinist, about to fulfil her dream of moving to Vienna to continue with her music studies. While trying to settle her affairs before departing, her encounter with Panos, a Greek architect newly arrived to Shanghai, will have a disrupting effect on her life. During the course of one day, their relationship will go through ups and downs and bring them in front of life-changing dilemmas. An unconventional romantic comedy about living as an expat, dysfunctional families and the complexity of intercultural relationships.

“A day in the life of a teddy bear” (Μια Μέρα στη Σαγκάη) is the first ever Chinese-Greek co-production.


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