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Haptic Navigation

2019 - present

We made the design, proof of concept and working prototype of a haptic navigation system to make mobile wayfinding safer and easier for pedestrians, cyclists and indoor wayfinding experiences.

For outdoor use, we connected a Google Maps based platform with two easy to use (left and right) vibrating buttons which are controlled via Bluetooth. Extensive testing has shown the concept works great in rural areas and especially for cycling and pedestrian use. In cities however the GPS of phones are not reliable enough yet and the signal does not provide enough detail. Usually this is caused by high-rise buildings.

For indoor use it can work very well with special Bluetooth and wifi beacon based navigation when existing infrastructure is in place.

Where the detail of GPS systems is improving we see a good future for haptic based navigation and will be a very good solution for visually impaired individuals in the near future.

Our ergonomically designs “pods” are equipped with a small vibrating motor, a wireless rechargeable battery and a low-power bluetooth controller. The pods can be use anywhere on clothing and are connected with a strong magnetic button which is the only visible part on the outside of the clothing.

The buttons will be available in a range of fashionable colours and can be branded for promotional use.

(patent pending)

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