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Jazz Events Live Redesign

Community / Events website with webshop

Jazz Events Live
2022 - present

In August 2022 we launched the new updated version of Jazz Events Live since the platform was in need of a completely new website. It was only founded a little over a year ago (Sep. 2021) but the amount of content was too much for the relatively simple first website. With this upgrade, we were inspired by the initial “nickname” of the Jazz Events Live Facebook group: “The Newspaper” so we focused on a grey-scale color theme.

In order to make the next step, we had to make a change in database technology, in order to create a relational approach, split the content up into different segments: Events, Musicians, Groups, Festivals, Venues, and achieve a sort of “web”.
Every segment can be linked together so the back-end basically “assembles” the webpages by connecting the content together. For example in the jazz Events, the visitor can see the musicians that play and by clicking on their pictures they get directed to each Musician’s page that contains more information, such as the several jazz Groups they may be part of, and of course, more jazz Events, in which they participate.

Visitors can discover jazz events, groups, and musicians in a playful way just as we have known from large music streaming platforms.

Jazz Groups have their own pages with contact forms for easy booking, and Jazz Musicians have a similar page with added functionality to be found for music teaching by aspiring jazz musicians. Of course, it is possible for them to add their artist bio, website as well as all their social media links and streaming platforms with an easy and user-friendly content management system.

We have created a membership system of editors and contributors, where everybody can add and edit their own content (jazz events, jazz musicians, groups, venues, jazz festivals), which makes it possible to manage the existing huge amount of data, quickly and efficiently.
In just 2 months, already 350 events, 600 musicians, 45 groups, and 270 venues were added which would have been impossible in any other way.

Next to the physical live events, we also integrated streaming support so that Radio Shows about jazz and Live streaming jazz events also receive the attention they deserve.

As last, we have included an online shop where visitors and members can purchase merchandise as well as Pro membership (for venues) and our very own JELcoins “currency”, with which members can feature their events or pages.

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