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Neolt Factory
2013 - 2020

The base idea of the project “Shield” started in 2011 at ISA in Las Vegas when Sergio Ferrari from the world-renowned Italian graphic machine manufacturer NEOLT and Paul Koch from Studio Koch had the idea to create a lamination machine specifically made for Signmakers.

After many idea exchanges and several prototypes made in the Neolt Factory in Bergamo (Italy), the first three machines entered the market at Signmakers and Distributors for market reviews and finetuning. This one-year period led to more enhancements and changes based on the wishes of our end-customer: the Signmaker.

The main difference between the Shield and other laminators was the use of pneumatic technology for pressure. This ensured a correct pressure control which was not possible with any other technique.

An additional unique feature was the inline pneumatic cutting system which was able to cut the laminated result, reducing time and costs of later trimming by hand.

The Shield laminator was first officially introduced to the public during Fespa 2013 in London and soon German-based H. Brunner GmbH started the distribution of the Shield in October 2013. Since then, the Shield has been the flagship laminator for many distributors such as Spandex (Europe), Canon (Europe), and Signtrade (Middle East). Over 350 units were sold until 2020 and still counting.




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