Wayfinding in 2021


Static and Digital wayfinding solutions have been separate products for a long time. The pandemic however has forced the two to be used in combination. In any indoor or outdoor environment, changes are inevitable: room functions, visitors’ needs, regulations and many more factors define the necessary routes. Therefore, a good wayfinding strategy is also a […]

Working with profiles

Alumium profiles

When designing and developing sign systems for indoor usage, I usually try to avoid aluminum profiles. Not because I don’t like the material, on the contrary, aluminum is amazing. Brushed aluminum is gorgeous, and besides this, it is also affordable, light, and very environmentally friendly. It is just the use of profiles, which is used […]

Wayfinding in Athens

Born and raised in a small village in Zeeland, The Netherlands, I did not see many places before my 18th birthday. My whole world back then expanded within a circle of 25km. As the change of jobs made me have to travel a lot, my perspective changed and the importance of good wayfinding became clear. The average business traveler […]

Signpainters film

Signpainter film

Very interesting movie about Sign Painters by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon. See below the description on the movie website www.signpaintersfilm.com