5 Reasons why musicians should have a website and how

Is it still needed for musicians to have a website? There are so many online platforms where you as a musician might already be on and it all takes time to manage and update on a regular basis. You finally have a good amount of followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud, so why […]

Get noticed with a strong logo

Almost every company or organisation has a graphic representation which usually will be seen as their logo. Often, it’s not really a logo but just the company name in a specific font and sometimes some graphic decoration. To help you understand what is needed for your organisation let me explain some basics. Symbol vs Logotype […]

What is website maintenance?

People often forget that a website is much different than offline media or social media presence. A website needs regular maintenance which goes much further than the normal costs of website hosting and your domain name. Modern websites need 3 main elements to work properly: 1. DOMAIN The domain is well known to everybody and […]