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What is website maintenance?

People often forget that a website is much different than offline media or social media presence. A website needs regular maintenance which goes much further than the normal costs of website hosting and your domain name.

Modern websites need 3 main elements to work properly:

The domain is well known to everybody and not complicated. For us, this is The costs are usually paid yearly and often with the same company, usually the hosting provider, who offers you the hosting service.

This is basically disk space on a computer (called a server) that has a fast and stable connection to the internet. Hosting includes software like WordPress or Drupal, for example, to make it easier to publish a website.
It also provides your domain e-mail ( which is important because this is usually your main tool for communication.

Isn’t the software already included in your hosting? Yes, because this is fundamental in order to create a website. However, there are many software tools that can make your website safer, better looking, and add more functionality. As expected, most of them are not for free and usually are also paid on a yearly basis. This is the part that usually is forgotten. However, this is also the part that makes sure it is easier to build a website (so more economic, too!) and offers much more functionality which will generate more customers and/or sales.

Just as software on your computer or phone, the website software also needs to be updated from time to time. This often goes automatic, but sometimes there’s a problem and something goes wrong. To keep your website functioning properly, it is worth it that your website partner checks it regularly, in order to take action where needed, and also to make sure that it is secure against unwanted hackers.

At Studio Koch we include regular reports of your website statistics during the maintenance. We also give proactive advice on what you could do to promote it and suggest content in order to create more traffic. And with a good SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy we can increase your chances of being easily found via Google.


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